‘In-tension’ – the tension be-tween what we are and what we desire to be

or do.


Why do you want to read this?


Or need?

Or both?

I am curious, because until I understand your perspectives and needs…


What help do you need?

I can only help  you, if I base my responses to you on  what you tell me.


How do we work together?

I prefer to be as response-able as I can be.


If you have read this far, perhaps you could help me to understand your needs, and whatever made you read this by briefly filling in the Enquire Now form,

or contacting me directly.

I believe that that we are social beings, and that we co-create our realities.

I invite you to respond to what I have written

and I intend to respond,

so that we can co-respond. I in-tend to write a weekly passage for this blog, hopefully for every Friday.