The focus of coaching is to think together with me about how you can deal with one or more challenges in your life and work, in order to function more resiliently, happily and optimally. At times the focus may shift to more psychological or psychophysiological issues. Being a coaching psychologist enables me to identify these shifts in focus and to make you aware of them and then decide if you want to go deeper into working in other modes of Self-exploration.

You may need more information about how we humans generally function in relating to ourselves, to our individual and organisational work roles and tasks, and in relating with individuals and groups.

A psychological approach where I listen very carefully and reflect what I hear, so that you can clarify what you are feeling and thinking, and help you to make sense of it so that you can make more mindful decisions about what you want to do.

We get to “the heart of the matter” by using computerised technology to allow you to see on the computer screen what your heart is feeling and then use a selection of techniques to learn how to manage your physical sensations, emotions, thoughts and life more effectively. New science has discovered that your heart works closely with your brain before you are consciously aware ofyour thoughts and feelings. It is fundamentally important in your wellbeing. The goal is to help you become more mindful and to be able to live more often “in the Zone” or “in Flow” of authentic

A deeper exploration of your feelings and any behaviour that you want to change in order to enable you to coherently develop, grow and individuate positively.

Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy in various forms, where I guide you to become more deeply focused to change early or post-traumatic stress patterns in your unconscious mind that may be blocking your development or disrupting your life and health.