Andrew Swart is a valued asset in my friendship and colleagues circle. I have had the honor and privilege to watch him at work, as we have co facilitated and coached in terms of training Coaches and Mentors throughout South Africa. He has an outstanding ability to connect and communicate with all professional levels of business leaders.

Andrew has a set of living coaching competencies that are both vibrant and empowering and brings aliveness to each coaching session he guides. His uses his psychological and neurological backdrop, skills set, knowledge and experience with professional finesse in the coaching contexts and produces realtime value add which intern results in high levels of ROI (return on investment, VOI (value on investment)  and COI (character on investment) for the clients.

I have experienced Andrew’s facilitation capacity with in dysfunctional team-ness and have been amazed how he skillfully uses the tools of his trade to defuse very sensitive and difficult problems. Excellence, attention to detail, professionalism and a keen sense of focus bring the outstanding results in all of his work and it is a pleasure to say that i know him as colleague and friend.

I can with no hesitation, whatsoever, honestly refer Andrew to any organization that requires his expertise within given contexts pertaining to coaching, mentoring, counseling and people focused related issues.

His one-on-one sessions or group sessions are always seasoned with personal insight , integration, self knowledge and learning. People walk away from these interventions being empowered, enlightened and enthused to face the new day in new and innovative ways.

Andrew creates coaching space that is safe and free from projections, judgements, criticism, negativity and giving directed advice. His deep respect for the wholistic makeup of the human being, brings a freshness to all he does in each coaching and mentoring interaction. What and who Andrew is , is invaluable to everything he does.

Once again highly highly recommended in fact if you organization does not use him you will only be the poorer for it.